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 Assimilated towards the game since childhood a group of enthusiastic Islanders under the visionary leadership of an outstanding personality Serendib Sports Club dared to face the challenges of the Munich cricket scenario. The Neuperlach Club has played a key role making significant contributions to its development of the MCA/BCV league and tournaments. The primary objectives of SSC are to play a good game of cricket and share their aspirations. Our team today consisting players of Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Germany, Australia and England are capable of upsetting any big team home or away by some unreadable recipes. As proven by dates on numerous occasions SSC are a well disciplined team, and do play the game hard in unity under the banner of the Club without any impersonation.

Eleven cricket clubs now form the Bayerischer Cricket Verband (BCV), which is a regional member of the DCB, which is an associate member of the European Cricket Council (ECC), which is a part of International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of cricket Participates in the newly formed Bundesliga.

After 20 years of being a strong competitor in the Bavarian league, the Serendib Sports Club in 2011 finally won the BCV League as undefeated champions. Gearing up for year 2014(1.Bundesliga) SSC embarked on past class securing victories over TCC, LSCC, MBCC and CCB in a row in the 2013 league by showing clear intentions to befit clubs profile. Leading the 2013 table at this stage SSC had to bag a golden rule(whence came the rule) first blow vs MIC and fall apart in the very next game vs NCC in two must have won games to slip down the table, win vs already second-tier PCC without a ball been bowled (Walkover) raised NRR factors to analyze.
Hosting 2012 champs ECC which ended in an effectual draw (club record) and reposing the club back in the race lifted lost winning sprits by strong willed championship signals.
Lost to MCC and a no result(abandoned due to rain) versus POCC paved 4th place in the 2013 BCV league table by settling old eras and premier league promotions – vying honours to be proud of.

2011 + 2012 BCV T20 runner-up.


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Serendib Sports Club

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